When at First You Don’t Succeed……..

While I was fortunate enough to pass the Bar exam on the first try, I know many friends and colleagues who weren’t so lucky.  To those of you who didn’t, this post is for you!  I say this because you are not alone and are in very good company.  Below is a list of famous politicians and personalities who didn’t pass the bar exam the first time along with with the jurisdiction they failed in.

Vice President Kamala Harris (Calif.)

Senator and First Lady Hilary Clinton (D.C.)

President Franklin Roosevelt (NY)

John F. Kennedy, Jr. (NY (twice))

California Governor Jerry Brown (Calif.)

Florida Governor Charlie Christ

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick

Rev. Pat Robertson (NY)

First Lady Michelle Obama (Ill.)

California Governor Pete Wilson (Calif.)

New York Mayor Ed Koch

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley

LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

All of them eventually did pass, except for one who never did try again.  Can you guess who?