Justice Henry B. Brown

On this date in 1906, Justice Henry B. Brown retired as an Associate Justice on the United States Supreme Court.  Born on March 2, 1836 in South Lee, Massachusetts, Brown grew up in Massachusetts and Connecticut.  He was admitted to Yale University at age 16 in 1852 and ultimately graduated in 1856.  After spending some […]

Chief Justice Edward White Jr.

On this date in 1921, Chief Justice Edward Douglass White Jr. died in Washington, D.C.. Born on November 3, 1845 in Thibodeaux, Louisiana, White was raised in a prominent political family. His father was a former Louisiana Governor and his grandfather a congressman and later judge. White attended Georgetown University when the Civil War interrupted […]

Chief Justice John Jay

On this date in 1829, Chief Justice John Jay died in Bedford, New York from stroke related issues.  Born on December 12, 1745 in New York City, Jay was born into a weathy family from Rye, New York.  He attended at graduated King’s College (later known as Columbia College) in 1760.  He “read the law” […]