Richard D. Farroh

Born in 1953, Richard Farroh was raised in Williston, ND. Richard was a man of many talents. While in Williston, Richard worked as a contractor during the first oil boom in the early 1980’s. He learned to be a skilled builder and mechanic (In fact, he practically remodeled parts of my first home). Like Kevin […]

Lyle H. Moe

Born in 1953, Lyle H. Moe was raised on a farm near Edinburg, ND where Lyle, along with his brothers, become known as the “Moe boys” for their antics and hijinxs. The survivor skills learned from that experience served him well when he joined the U.S. Marine Corp after high school. After several years of […]

Kevin B. Spaeth

Born in 1950 and raised in Massachusetts, Kevin was of Irish descent and had the red hair and stature to match. Kevin graduated UND Law School. In fact, a law school newspaper asked Kevin what his goal was in life was, to which Kevin replied “To be the most famous guy named Kevin”, which is […]

Thomas B. Jelliff

Tom Jelliff was one of a kind despite being a twin. Tom was born with his brother Ted in Grand Forks in 1936. Each loved history and were connected at the hip and each married girls named Jan. Tom became an attorney back in 1962 and served as Grand Forks County State’s Attorney during much […]

In Rememberance

I am going to depart from my judicial biographies over the next few posts to remember those attorneys I worked closely with in the Grand Forks legal community who are no longer with us. They were each great men in their own right, but human nonetheless–with all the good and bad which that entails and […]

On February 25, 2016, Larry’s eventful term as President of the Greater Grand Forks County Bar Association came to an end at the February meeting. During the course of the year, Larry spoke at two judicial investitures, moderated a Law Day CLE with retired judges, purchased a retirement gift for another judge as well as […]

On January 20, 2016, Larry presented for the second year in a row at the Sterling Educational Conference Landlord/Tenant Law training session held in Fargo, ND. To a group which included landlords, attorneys, realtors, and other professionals, Larry discussed at length Evictions and Landlord/Tenant obligations. Audio tapes of the training are available through SES.