September 15, 2015—A Very Busy Day indeed!

For Larry Richards, Septermber 15, 2015 was a busy one. In the morning, Larry gave an hour long presentation before the Landlord Compliance training sponsored by Minot State University. The training was held on the 6th Floor of the Grand Forks County Building with over 80 attendees. The discussion focused on Evictions and Small Claims.

Not to be overshadowed, in the afternoon, Larry Richards, as President of the Greater Grand Forks County Bar Association, spoke and presented a robe to newly installed District Judge John Thelen at his Investiture at the Grand Forks County Courthouse. Being able to participate in this Investiture was a particular honor since Judge Thelen was a former law partner of Larry Richards when they were both members of the Spaeth Thelen & Richards law firm (2004-2009). This is the third Investiture which Larry Richards has participated in as President–He was honored to do the same for Judge Don Hager and Judge Lolita Hartl Romanick in a ceremony in April of this year.