Justice Newton C. Young (N.D. Supreme Court)

On this date in 1862, Newton C. Young was born in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Raised on a farm and educated in Tabor, Iowa and Iowa City, Young went on to graduate Iowa State University in 1886, and received his law degree in 1887 from the same institution. In 1887, Young moved to Bathgate, which was then located in the northern Dakota Territory and started in private practice. Young also served as Pembina County State’s Attorney from 1892 to 1896. An active Republican, Newton C. Young was appointed by North Dakota Governor Devine to the North Dakota Supreme Court in 1898 to the seat left vacant by the resignation of Justice Corliss. Justice Young was subsequently elected later that same year to a full term and reelected in 1904. After serving almost 8 years, Justice Young resigned from the Court in 1906 citing low pay. After leaving the Court, Justice Young moved to Fargo, ND where he practiced law until his death at age 61 on November 10, 1923. A biographical sketch from the time described Justice Young as “an energetic, upright and conscientious lawyer and a gentleman of attractive social qualities” who “stands high in the esteen of all who know him”.