Justice George Moellring (N.D. Supreme Court)

On this date in 1878, Justice George Moellring of the North Dakota Supreme Court was born in Quincy, Illinois. Raised in Quincy, Illinois, Moellring graduated law school at the tender age 19 fron Chaddock College of Law. Too young to be admitted to the Bar, Moellring went on to receive his LLM from Highland Park College in Des Moines, Iowa. He moved to North Dakota in 1902 and practiced in the towns of Langdon and Ray. In 1920, Moellring was successfully elected to the position of District Court Judge for the Fifth Judicial District of North Dakota, which was located in the northwest corner of the state. He was successfully reelected to that post until Governor Langer appointed Moellring a Justice of the North Dakota Supreme Court on December 1, 1933. Justice Moellring ran for election to the post the following year, but was defeated by Justice James Morris. He left office at the end of 1934 having served only one year and a month which ranks as one of the shortest tenures on that Court. After defeat, Moellring was appointed as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of North Dakota, but he only served a few months in that post before his death on May 31, 1935 at the age of 56.